Lotus Superior White Zinc Paint

Description :

For protection of steel and woodwork surfaces indoor and outdoor, doors, windows girders railing etc., for preparation of putty.

Thinning :

Varnish or Linseed Oil

Uses :

Used to Make Wall Putty or Paint for interior use

Application :

Interior Walls to make Putty or Paint, Interior Walls to make Putty or Paint

Covering Capacity :

13-14 sq. meter per kilogram

Drying Time :

As of base

Color Range :

White and other colors available on order.

Packing :

20, 10, 5, 2, 1 kilograms, 500 gms, 200gms, 100gms

Highlights :

Thick paste supplied and should be thinned suitably to make either a putty or a paint with varnish, DB Linseed oil

Shelf Life :

3 Years in Undiluted State sealed tin

Flash Point :

Above 50°C

Undercoats :


Directions of Use :

To Be reduced with Chalk,Syn.Varnish 1001 or D.B.Linseed Oil as required by the applicator for desired consistency

Application Areas :

on wooden works, brickworks, asbestos and steel surfaces etc