Bonding Agent and polymer Component for Repair Mortars and Cement Screeds for Waterproofing and for Polymer Cement Concrete

GLOSSYCRETE is an Acrylic Based Bonding Agent and Polymer Company for Repair Mortars and Cement Screeds for Waterproofing and for Polymer cement Concrete. In conjunction with cement provides properties to combat the shortcomings of cement particularly its poor adhesive properties, low impact strength, low flexural strength and thin section fragility. GLOSSYCRETE adds to the potential use as well as to the properties of cement mortar making them excellent choices for use in new or renovation work.
GLOSSYCRETE can be as admixture to cement mortar and screed.
GLOSSYCRETE can be used as bonding agent old concrete / mortar to new concrete.

Fields of Application
GLOSSYCRETE is suitable for use in following application based on characteristics listed above:
The production of structural leveling compounds and bonded screeds.
The Production of repair mortars, e.g. in the repair and filling of structural concrete in bridge building and civil engineering.
For waterproofing mortars for roofs, basements, water tanks, swimming pools, bathroom / kitchen etc.
Cold – joins between old and new concrete can be made strong and non = permeable with a banding slurry consisting of GLOSSYCRETE and cement mortar.
Improvement of the Mechanical and Technological characteristics of ready – to use coarse and fine repair mortars intended for the repair of concrete.
Suitable for Injection grouting in basement, underground / overhead tanks/ RCC elevation etc.
Suitable for waterproofing coating in basement, underground/overhead tanks / RCC elevation bathroom / kitchen sunken portion, swimming pools etc.

Application of GLOSSYCRETE in mortar system / concrete admixture. Before application the surface should be clean with water. Once the pre-moistened concrete has dried the bond coat is forcefully brushed in to the base by brush. The polymer mortar is then applied wet – on – wet to the bond coat while it is fresh.

1 Kg. GLOSSYCRETE/ 50 Kg bag of cement (2% of by weight of cement)
Application of GLOSSYCRETE in coating system
The base must be clean and free form loose scales, existing paint or any foreign matter. This can be done by scarifying, grinding, water blasting, and sand blasting, acid washing or by any other approved method, unsound areas should be removed until sound concrete is located.
Wet the surface at least one hour prior to the application of first coat of GLOSSYCRETE on vertical/inclined surface.
Before placing GLOSSYCRETE coating, all water shall be removed so that the surface is only damp or dry. In no case, there shall be standing water or shiny wet surface.
Fill the surface cracks with GLOSSYCRETE putty (1 kg Cement + 2 Kg
Silica + 1 Kg GLOSSYCRETE)

Make a mixture of 1 Kg cement + 1 Kg. GLOSSYCRETE. This mixture has to be applied by brush on surface. Apply 3 coats of mixture with an interval of minimum 4 hours, or after drying. Use the mixture within 2 hours.

Curing for mortar system / concrete admixture
GLOSSYCRETE inhibits rapid drying – out of the fresh mortar the mortar should all the same be suitably protected from rapid drying in order to ensure uniform development of strength.
Please note that all generally applicable regulations and working principles must be observed when using GLOSSYCRETE for the production and application of cement mortars / plasters.