Acrylic Wall Putty-Interior

Description :

1001 Wall Putty is a readymade emulsion putty with excellent smoothness & superior whiteness which serves as a filler/leveller in a paint system.It also enhances durability of the paint system.

Thinning :


Uses :

Serves as a filler/leveller in a paint system

Finish :

Smooth Finish, superior whiteness

Application :

By Spatula / Trowel

Covering Capacity :

Depends on texture of the substrate, in the range of 10-30 sqft per kg.

Drying Time :

Touch dry -- 15 min max. Hard Dry -- 4 hrs max. (4-6 mil wet film thickness)

Color Range :


Packing :

1 kg, 5kgs, 10 kgs, 20 kgs.

Highlights :

Non Cracking Filler /Putty

Shelf Life :

6 months

Undercoats :

Cement Primer 1001

Application Areas :

On brick works and plastered surfaces etc.