1001 Dry Distemper

Description : 1001 Dry Distemper is a very economical wall coating for brick work and plaster. It has very good fastness to light.
Thinning : Use water for mixing and making a paint of the powder provided.
Uses : Ideal coating for decoration of houses, offices, factory sheds, hospitals, public building etc.
Finish : Smooth matt finish.
Application : By brush., Plastered interiors and ceilings.
Covering Capacity : 8-12 Sq. meters per Kg per coat.
Drying Time : Surface dry 1 hour. Recoatable after 8-12 hours. Normally two coats are enough.
Color Range : As per 1001 Dry Distemper shade card.
Packing : 20 Kg, 1.5Kg.
Highlights : 1001 Dry Distemper is ISI marked (IS:427) and made under strict quality control. Also preffered by most govt. departments.
Shelf Life : 1 Year in packed condition
Flash Point : N.A
Undercoats : 1001 Cement Primer or 2 coats of 1001 dry distemper
Directions of Use : 1001 Dry Distemper is mixed with warm water in the ratio 300 to 400 ml per kg of distemper, and stirred till a creamy consistency is obtained. It should stand for about half an hour, after which more water is to be added in the ratio 400 to 500 ml per kg of distemper, and stirred vigorously to achieve brushing consistency. The material should be applied within 48 hours of mixing water. Apply 2 coats. Dry overnight between coats. Maximum overcoating interval - 48 hours.